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As the demand for high-strength aluminum alloy engineering materials growing, prompting the IKV developed an effective method for aluminum, magnesium and other lightweight materials joining. Points of friction engagement (polishing robot) is a use of force and the high-speed rotation of the friction process, through this process in a few seconds to two or more sheets joined. For the best way to meet the needs of the application and flexibility, in static and robot configurations are provided IKV polishing robot system. IKV polishing robot system using a robot equipped with a dual servomotor polishing robot gun IKV robot, the gun can be to the point the gun in a similar manner to manipulate the bonding material.

Engaging in light alloy material, IKV polished compared to spot welding robot system has many advantages. First, the low initial investment in the system, only 50% of a typical resistance spot welding (RSW) system and does not require the use of a cooling water system to the servo motor. Secondly, polishing robot craft highly energy efficient, compared with the resistance spot welding, only 5% of energy needs. Finally, robot polishing process does not lead to smoke or engage the material discharged material.
By using our innovative friction spot joining system, IKV can help you significantly reduce the cost of light alloy engagement.

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