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Use: suitable for the AGV to carry relatively far away from one step, moving between processes can achieve unmanned.

With AGV moving to the next step

From the rail line  to change to be assembled on AGV

Compared with the fixed rail line equipment, it is not necessary to separate the workplace, effective use of space; because you can work on the AGV, it can rotate 360 degrees job, you can change the emergency response plan of production, provided for paste or tape, it is easy to quickly change the production line.

AGV carry instead of people

     Use of AGV Material Transportation has four main benefits: reduce dependence on manpower, improve productivity, increase security, and save area, change the docking solutions are mainly used in the production process of raw materials and accessories for material handling, production line and finished goods warehousing and so on.

       AGV using the robot system, does not require operator intervention can be a normal operation, thereby greatly reducing the dependence on manual operation. Moreover, unless there is a fault, otherwise these materials can transport 365 days a year, every day 24h continuous operation, the production and storage and other processes will not be affected by shift workers or attendance and other factors, but also greatly improve productivity.
Those who rely on the development of transport system of the enterprise, once the upgrade using the AGV solutions, productivity will also receive a substantial increase, as these new products move faster and, unlike the constant speed of transport, AGV can accelerate as needed. Although the material handling system has been very popular, but many companies still follow the truck, which can sometimes be a security risk, especially in the case of a large warehouse flow of people more prone to accidents. In contrast AGV depends sensors or move within a fixed orbit, so the use of these automated vehicle systems can greatly reduce the incidence of accidents.
The final benefit of using the AGV is moving its small range, high accuracy. And the truck during the move you need more space, by contrast, material transport solutions during the transport of goods rarely steering, so enterprises can make full use of floor space, will be used to store more goods or future expansion plant.
Recently, there is just a domestic electronic equipment manufacturers are aware of this. In a recent project IKV company it took over, the customer after the introduction AGV system so that the number of vehicles within the warehouse significantly reduced in the past need 10 trucks to complete the workload is now only six AGV cart can be easily completed. Meanwhile, the feasibility study shows that the new material handling solution will improve order fulfillment rates by at least 50%.
Compared with other suppliers of material handling systems, the advantages of the company IKV material transport system mainly has the following two points: First, customized services, and second, the company has a wealth of experience in this field.
To our knowledge, there are very few in the world of logistics solutions provider based on user demand for AGV can be customized, and IKV Roboter across the board as much as possible to avoid the practice - as long as the program can be achieved within the context of engineering company interior design, engineering, processing and programming team will go all out to develop the user customized solutions. In addition to providing flexible solutions outside, IKV also with its deep experience in regional cooperation, in order to show clients prospect AGV products, and provide the best solutions to meet their requirements.

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