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Advantages of IKV AGV robot vehicle

Date: 2019-12-14 15:46    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT

IKV AGV manufacturers have been committed to the research and development of automatic handling AGV trolleys. The new generation of intelligent AGV trolleys provided has greatly improved both in terms of handling efficiency and accuracy. What are the advantages of the intelligent AGV cars provided by Danbach in comparison with ordinary AGV cars on the market?

forklift agv robot

1. IKV's intelligent AGV trolley is far more flexible than ordinary AGV. Ordinary AGVs can only travel along fixed routes and perform uniform transportation tasks. The intelligent forklift AGV trolley provided by Jiangxi Danbach does not need to lay magnetic strip reflectors, has no track restrictions, and can run freely anywhere in the factory. It is more efficient, flexible and intelligent.

2. IKV Smart AGV adopts intelligent operating system, which converts traditional buttons into smart buttons. It is as intuitive and easy to operate as a smart phone. It is very easy to operate and can be easily controlled by ordinary employees without instructions.

3. The automatic loading and unloading of intelligent AGV enables its production line to keep running 24/7. In addition, by integrating the intelligent AGV with the plant's production planning system, real-time overview of material transportation can be ensured to ensure real-time production control. Ikv Intelligent AGV can communicate with manufacturing tools and data servers, easily track each component, and understand its location and status in real time.

4. The SLAM laser navigation technology of the IKV intelligent AGV car adds an understanding of the semantics of the scene, so that the intelligent car has the ability to learn a new environment. Can provide users with a large number of optional functions, such as voice, remote calling and other user-friendly functions.

The intelligent AGV trolley provided by IKV AGV manufacturers has been widely used in the production and transportation links in the fields of automobile manufacturing, food and tobacco, 3C electronics manufacturing, and home appliance manufacturing, etc., to promote production logistics to the intelligent era. For more information about AGV car quote or performance, please leave a message. E-mail:

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