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Discussion on the climbing range of AGV carrier and the tonnage of AGV carrier

Date: 2019-11-23 16:25    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT

IKV AGV is a professional manufacturer of AGV carrier. AGV automatic guided vehicle is widely used in biomedicine, packaging and printing, tobacco industry, precision manufacturing, photovoltaic industry, material management and other fields. This paper discusses the tonnage and climbing range of AGV carrier car produced by Jiangxi danbach AGV car manufacturer. First, the larger the tonnage of AGV carrier, the better; second, is there any restriction on the climbing of AGV carrier.

towing automated guided vehicles agv

Is the bigger the tonnage of AGV carrier better? It has a certain one sidedness, but also a certain reason. Because the greater the weight of AGV carrier, the less the possibility of rollover, but it is not that the greater the weight, the better the quality. If the weight is too large, it will not only increase the power cost but also affect the life of the power system. Therefore, you should select the vehicle load according to the needs, not blindly pursue the big Tonnage.

Are there any restrictions on the climbing of AGV carrier? No matter what kind of high-end AGV carrier has certain restrictions when climbing, for example, it has a large limit on the climbing degree of the vehicle. In principle, it is not allowed to climb steep slopes to prevent danger. Because the volume and weight of the objects handled by AGV carrier are the same as those of other vehicles, if the gradient is large, it will increase its risk, so in principle, it must be operated within the specified gradient of AGV carrier. Danbach, Jiangxi Province is a professional AGV car manufacturer in Jiangxi Province. It has advanced processing equipment and technology from abroad to guarantee each AGV equipment provided. It has high positioning accuracy, flexibility and long service life.

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