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Common problems and solutions in the use of magnetic navigation AGV robot car

Date: 2019-10-23 16:21    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT

IKV Robotics is a provider of AGV automated handling solutions. At present, the market uses AGV trolleys, among which the number of AGV trolleys adopting magnetic navigation guidance mode is relatively large. The manufacturers of Jiangxi IKV AGV specifically elaborated on the faults and solutions in the daily use of magnetic navigation AGV trolleys.

magnetic tape agv robot

During the operation of the magnetic navigation AGV car, there is a problem of shaking left and right. The occurrence of rocking in the magnetic navigation AGV trolley may be caused by magnetic field interference in some areas of the workshop; when such a situation occurs, it is first confirmed whether the magnetic navigation AGV trolley driving wheel is insufficient in friction; when the friction of the AGV trolley driving wheel is small, it is possible The magnetic navigation AGV trolley is shaken left and right during the walking process; secondly, the reason is the RFID scanner of the AGV trolley. The principle of the AGV trolley is magnetic navigation, and the local magnetic strip is less magnetic than other disturbing magnetic fields (mainly refers to underground cables, optical fibers, etc.). When the magnetic force, the AGV car will travel in the direction of the strong magnetic field. At this time, the AGV car program needs to be adjusted to shield the interference signal of the external magnetic field.

The magnetic navigation AGV car can't read the position. If the magnetic navigation AGV trolley cannot read the position, first observe whether the positioning magnetic strip and the RFID magnetic point on the AGV trolley route are missing or damaged; if this is the case, it is necessary to supplement or replace the magnetic strip or magnetic point. If the magnetic navigation AGV car cannot be found again, the AGV car needs to be manually opened from the current area to the AGV main road, and the AGV car will re-enter the system.

The magnetic navigation AGV car has an emergency stop state. In the case of the emergency stop of the magnetic navigation AGV car, first check the emergency stop button and the contact safety protection device of the AGV car. If all the magnetic navigation AGV cars are in the emergency stop state, the emergency stop should be canceled in the monitoring software. IKV is a professional AGV car R&D and manufacturing enterprise. The AGV car equipment provided includes: forklift AGV robot, lurking AGV robot, warehouse agv robot, etc.

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