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what is the function of the lurking agv robot vehicle?

Date: 2019-10-08 15:42    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT

The lurking AGV car is a kind of automatic guided transport vehicle. Its characteristics are short stature, strong traction, and can drive goods weighing 1000 or so. Compared with manual work, it is more efficient and can play a great role in large-scale production workshop. It is often reflected in its ability to automatically find a convenient route to the destination, slow stop when encountering obstacles, and no collision of goods.

agv robot vehicle

When the AGV carrier pulls out the goods, its rear end is very heavy, and the system will control itself in speed. Although people can adjust its speed on the panel, in the environment with more obstacles, its speed will automatically slow down. If it meets the need of turning, the speed will also be controlled. This is the guiding system in the equipment to play a role. However, when its load is small, the turning becomes much lighter, and it can even carry goods up and down the slope. In case of emergency, the system will automatically shut down.

The obstacle avoidance system of AGV robot vehicle also plays an important role in charging. It has anti-leakage device to prevent human and machine from being damaged. It is worth noting that the warning light of the carrier is in a conspicuous position, which can facilitate people to know the equipment condition in time, improve the working efficiency and ensure the safety of the production process. With the development of robotics technology, latent transporters will carry more humanized functions to solve various problems encountered in production.

AGV market will continue to show a vigorous development trend, AGV application areas will continue to expand, more variety, more and more powerful functions, automation and intelligence level significantly improved. Welcome to consult and purchase IKV AGV robot email:

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