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How to apply the AGV car to your own industry to improve performance

Date: 2019-09-12 09:47    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT

As China's manufacturing industry becomes more and more automated and intelligent, the demand for AGV car products is increasing. The AGV trolley can be used in industrial production and manufacturing to form a flexible automatic assembly line system, which can flexibly change the assembly route and can be equipped with different processes. The AGV trolley does not require manual control in actual production, and it is only necessary to cooperate with auxiliary equipment to realize the automation of cargo equipment handling in the workshop. Effectively solve the problems of low efficiency of manual delivery of goods, high labor intensity and inadequate delivery time. The application of AGV in the logistics, warehousing and e-commerce industries can improve the utilization of warehouses and reduce the errors of sorting goods.

So how to apply the AGV car, what practical help is applied to its own industry, let us take a look at it:

agv vehicle robot

1. One of the common application scenarios of AGV cars is to realize the automatic transfer of goods in the factory. The AGV trolley can adopt different handling methods according to the weight, shape and shape of the objects to be transported, such as: latent, roller-type, heavy-duty, etc., to meet different handling requirements of users.

2. The AGV trolley is also a load-bearing platform, and the load-assembled production unit replaces the traditional assembly. More common are the assembled gearbox AGV for the automotive industry, and the assembled engine AGV. It is mainly based on the assembly: vertical turn, flat, lift, cross-turn, the function of the car, etc., according to the design of different needs, to meet the assembly needs of the chassis.

3. The AGV trolley is mainly used in the sorting work of materials in the field of warehousing and logistics. It uses the AGV trolley for sorting, finds the shelf where the required product is located through a high-quality route, and then moves the shelf as a whole to sort the required products and improve the efficiency of sorting.

4. The application of AGV trolley in special environment. Such as: power station inspection robot, explosion-proof AGV, etc. This is to install other detection equipment such as infrared camera on the AGV car, and replace the manual work in high-risk and harsh environment by means of self-control, ensuring personal safety and reducing accident rate.

At present, the development of AGV trolleys can be described as a golden period. Of course, manufacturers also need to find out the AGV trolleys that suit their own needs according to the characteristics and needs of their own industries, and bring the AGV trolleys to their functions, bringing efficiency and benefits.

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