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Intelligent robot will grab the legal workers "rice bowls"

Date: 2016-06-16 09:20    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT
If Intelligent robot will grab the legal workers "rice bowls"? Now we see a case of man-machine chess game.

The recently concluded the man-machine chess game ended, AlphaGo (Alpha Dog) gave the world a surprise, he not only beat played on behalf of humanity Shishi, more shocking numerous division will collaborate with intelligent machines in the industry. Alpha Dog invincible at the occasion, a large number of robots "lead the way party" micro-channel article emerged, analyze what the future will be replaced by industry, occupation is a machine, originally thought it was just blue-collar workers will face unemployment crisis, looked so magical Alpha Dog brain, many white-collar workers began nervously.
Legal services as a professional service industry, but also very sense of crisis, it was predicted: Artificial intelligence will replace most of the lawyers, judges and prosecutors work. In fact, before a century, Marx • Weber proposed a similar idea: "Modern Judges are vending machine, cast into the complaint and court costs, spits out the reasons for the decision and copy down from the Code."
This final set of years are just lawyers fantasy, after all, in the human world, and people will always choose a person to deal with lawyers and judges, unless one day there is a machine for the prosecution of another machine. However, the robot team behind its Alpha Dog can not really substitute judges and lawyers, but not necessarily to share some of their work, which may indeed exist in the low-end part of the legal positions will be squeezed out of the robot.
How the law struck people look smart? Law Novosti invited Shanghai Pan Ocean senior partner of law firm Chun-Quan Liu lawyers and magic network co-founder and executive director of Shanghai Information Technology Co., knowledgeable co-founder Mr. Xia Zhenhai, with everyone together to talk about how to look at smart times Legal Service.
Robots become legal advice and retrieval provider "just right"
Legal Services industry robot intervene fast, then there is only a few years, so they took the United States, many American law firms in the past part of the work is outsourced to India, a native English speaker, the language barrier is not a place but a lower cost do. But now information technology is well developed, is part of the studio trying to use computer software to replace the work of lawyers.
For example Chinalawinfo, no litigation, they can through the huge database by way of software systems, legal and case retrieval process instead. So the future of intelligent robots is not referring to the robot with style, more often is a software to replace the industry out routine work.
For some simple advice, no one has done, but according to my prediction will soon appear on the list of Apple's siri, China's small i robot, and their works is to have a huge database, and when the problem contents of the database on the number, then he can do a simple answer. Well, in fact a lot of this type of legal advice is, in other words if you do, then it is very fast. Like banks already have such advisory robots, they look stupid but with the progressive development of technology, the robot technology matures, will make legal service robots will soon progress and iteration.
In the past, mass personalized service that the law is too strong, can not mass production and sale of traditional industries like the same. But now the technology is developing rapidly, but also to enhance the computing power quickly, like Alpha Dog can beat the human players on behalf of the same reason, as long as there is a fixed rule, in the massive data support, the robot can better and more stable execution of instructions, and the foundation of our legal services and advice to meet this condition exactly, so that the simple legal advice and retrieval services is likely to be replaced by robots.
Junior to senior artificial intelligence behind the need for rules
Social relations between people on the legal nature, the robot into the legal services industry is also facing a number of problems which, after all, they are a tool. Even if it's talking to you, you do the appropriate expression, but it is still essentially tools. Does not have the legal tools to determine the legal significance, and for people between the robot manufacturer behind the relationship between the producers, there are no legal terms and conditions, do not apply to traditional law, we still need to improve and update . And talking about my recent article writing autopilot technology, but also the weak level of artificial intelligence problems. Coming from the weak level of artificial intelligence to advanced artificial intelligence will be a lot of new legal problems. This requires us to advance with the times to go to law one study and formulate relevant laws and regulations.

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