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Talking about the difference of AGV type Handling Robot

Date: 2016-09-18 10:57    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT
Talking about the difference of AGV type Handling Robot
The current high labor costs and intense domestic competition homogenization, especially manufacturing enterprises placed in front of the main task is to cost and quality. The only way to improve the human cost of corporate face is an effective labor productivity, which is to improve the degree of automation, and therefore demand a variety of AGV system are increasingly urgent, the use of robots AGV logistics is also gaining popularity, apply across the board, such as: traditional production material handling, flexible assembly lines, machining lines.
Talking about the difference of AGV type Handling Robot
The price gap between domestic and foreign AGV robot is very large, it also depends on the different types of AGV, such as IKV AGV Category: Backpack AGV, submarine AGV, AGV traction, lift AGV, AGV drum, Car-AGV, forklift AGV and many more.
Then we might contrast abroad AGV price depends on factors and the future development direction for some in-depth analysis: in Europe a laser navigation forklift AGV price of about one million yuan, equivalent to Europe four local workers and one year's salary and benefits social security, but also need to have an ordinary truck about 5 years 200 000 depreciation. The AGV robots consume considerable costs and wages plus various factors difficult employee management, which is a large number of European and American high-end manufacturing in AGV applications AGV reasons.
Although Europe AGV technology is mature, reliable, single load is from 50 kg to 100 ton, more than one AGV can seamlessly basic unmanned operation .... But the price is from $ 1 million or even tens of millions of dollars, expensive prices and service costs are difficult or even Europe and Asia these AGV manufacturers of these general or pure processing manufacturing sales promotion in China.
In China and South Korea and Japan and other Asian countries were targeted for AGV simple function of the development and production applications, AGV is used for handling. In automatic AGV navigation using only simple main tape guide mode, eliminating the need for complex electronic maps and so on up and down the site scheduling of AGV has been miniaturized so that the AGV processing costs to a minimum to meet the required general manufacturing functional, technical pursuit of simple, practical, tried to let users recover the investment cost in the shortest possible time, to get this kind of miniaturization AGV is widely used in Asian countries.
AGV as the most flexible automated transport equipment will have broad market. In recent years, a number of outstanding domestic enterprises are also large-scale use of AGV robots, but most of the domestic manufacturers AGV general lack of innovation and technological upgrading, not even their own R & D team patchwork fake, the result is a high failure rate , parts short life issue.

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