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Disable people control robot with idea?

Date: 2017-06-23 12:01    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT
 9 persons including paralysis, including 19 different countries who can by the use of a telepresence system development program, university laboratories to control a robot. This technology is designed to enhance the independence of paralyzed people have already been proven very effective and easy to operate. For some people have been tortured for paralysis, visiting others are extremely difficult. But by Jose del Milan led Defitech Foundation BCI (CNBI) research team has been working to open a brain - machine connection method of revolution, in order to restore the sense of independence of people with disabilities, and therefore, their homes with the idea of ​​remote control robot idea came into being.
The study involved several projects in different countries, has produced impressive results, progress in the special edition of IEEE published in June, and specifically on the brain - machine interfaces conclusions were discussed.
Which are located in Italy, Germany and Switzerland nine disabled people and 10 healthy persons to participate in this with the idea of ​​remote control robot tests. For weeks, each subject covered electrode belt, hat can analyze brain signals, and delivering real-time instruction at home via the Internet, thereby allowing the robot to move.
According to physicist organizational network reported on the 24th, with a video camera, the screen and the wheels, the EPFL in Lausanne laboratory robots, by the communication software Skype remote surroundings show its people. Control personnel as Language position where the robot can be used with anyone around it after the exchange. Professor Milan, said: "After no more than 10 days of training, which nine people with disabilities to master the remote control robot technology."
Currently, if there is no more instruction, the robot will continue to walk on the specified path until it receives a signal to stop. The researchers intend to go a step further - let the robot can not tell it how to do it themselves can cross the barrier, which is to enable people in the intermittent control instruction given a rest to avoid fatigue. Humans and computers to share the signal with instructions manipulate the robot allows the robot control officers take a break when traveling.
The test results show no significant difference in the ability to control health and the disabled. In the second phase of the test, people with disabilities have the ability to be part of the activities require the use of certain actions to control the robot, for example, simply press the buttons near the head.
The study for the European brain-computer interaction tools began in 2008 (TOBI) project had a positive impact. Then, the robot will soon become part of the everyday life of people with disabilities do? Professor Milan also considered "too early."

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