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Robot+ Time is coming

Date: 2016-05-14 14:55    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT
In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet of Things, cloud computing and other information technology and communication technology, the amount of data has become a boom industry to face many serious challenges and valuable opportunities. "Humanity is from age to DT IT era," Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma on various occasions often illustrate this point of view, the information society has entered the big data (BigData) era. The emergence of big data is changing the way people live and work, the company's mode of operation. Ma believes, IT (Information Technology) is the era of self-control, self-management based, and DT (Data Technology) era, which is to serve the public, to stimulate productivity-based technology. Between the two it seems to be the difference of a technology, but in fact is the difference of the level of ideas.

With the development of a new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence and big data, cloud-based computing, big data, networking intelligent robots will be widely used in various fields, robotics (Robot Technology) era will also come.

Robotics involves many fields, with multi-disciplinary and cross-integration features. Robots are gradually developed into a perception, cognition and the ability to act autonomously intelligent equipment, mathematics, mechanics, mechanism, material science, automation, computers, artificial intelligence, optoelectronics, communications, sensing, bionics and other disciplines and comprehensive technical achievement, which reflects the level of development of the comprehensive strength of a country's high-tech fields. Development of this stage need to upgrade the robot intelligence and autonomous operational capabilities, the ability to improve the human-computer interaction, improve safety performance, solve the bottleneck "HCI", "man-machine cooperation", "man-machine fusion" breakthrough three-dimensional perception of the environment, planning and navigation, human-like dexterity, intuitive man-machine interaction, behavior, safety and other key technologies.
Robotics is the integration of new technologies, in order to enable them to adapt to functional requirements and maintain its stability intelligent, it requires robots with many cutting-edge technology. Typically opinion, RT technique consists of sensors, intelligent control, driving part of three parts, covering computer software, semiconductor, big data, electronic technology, communication technology, artificial intelligence, networking, automatic measurement, automatic positioning, voice recognition, image processing, environment recognition, drive technology, batteries and many other cross-cutting, interdisciplinary cutting-edge technology.

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