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Chinese industrial robots ecosystem Rapid Prototyping

Date: 2016-05-14 14:57    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT
  Produced by the Industrial Technology Research Institute Center of Mechanical and Manufacturing Systems Research Fellow Huangzhong Hong believes, AI, robotics and human-computer collaboration platform, will become an important trend in the future development of the robot. He said that China in recent years, artificial wage increases, while observing the fixed asset investment statistics and PMI manufacturing index in the country, showing its manufacturing industry is deteriorating view of this, China intended to use the "Made in China 2025 plan" to boost the manufacturing and economic development, especially focus on key robot.
Chinese President Xi Jinping hailed the robot is the jewel in the crown of the manufacturing sector, driven by many mainland manufacturers and foreign manufacturers have been put into development. Luo Hui in view, the development strategy of China's robot, mainly around the automobile, machinery, electronics and other industrial robots, special robots and service robots, and robots to promote standardization, modular development, to expand the market applications. Estimated 2015 to 2017, China's industrial robot market will grow more than 25% stable growth rate in 2020 is expected to form a complete industrial system of industrial robots, while high-end products in the local market share will climb to more than 45%, China CSR, ZTE, with days of the company's performance in the manufacturing and other related robot will be highly anticipated.
However, policy-driven, the Chinese manufacturers competing to compete for the robotics industry also faces the following challenges, such as weak technological base, can not be made the core components, it shall become a breakthrough technology bottlenecks; plus robot corporate profits, only in low-end products compete on price; if the future policy does not support, in the absence of aid under the Austrian capital, the robot has invested enterprises may face bankruptcy or merger of the case.
China will focus on the future development of China-made robot key components, such as miniaturization and lightweight gear, force feedback controllers, modules and other multi-coordination; and strengthening man-machine cooperation, vision and manual control type, in order to enhance the production of robots value.
It is worth mentioning that the lack of key components and technology-oriented man-machine cooperation, Taiwan is also a challenge facing the industry in the field of robotics and the positive direction of positive reinforcement. Huangzhong Hong believes that in addition to Taiwan's development toward these two aspects, the artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics platform is worthy of the attention of Taiwan's industry.
It is understood that, in front of artificial intelligence to the United States, Japan and more rapid development, China is still lagging behind in this area, while Taiwan has considerable academic artificial intelligence research in the future should be a gradual industrialization and commercialization.
In addition, in the wisdom of the factory, there will be a lot of robots and robotic arm, robotic system must also have a platform to provide a common interface so that robots can communicate with each other, which will be an opportunity to compete for the robot market in Taiwan.
On the other hand, factory automation wisdom to succeed, in addition to hardware (robot device) innovation, but also must take advantage of the hardware data collected, thereby combining the manufacturing execution system (MES), massive data analysis and networking technology, manage to achieve wisdom, so that the robot can play more value.

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