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Intelligent Robot focus of leading shares

Date: 2016-05-14 15:19    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT
  "Third industrial revolution" is coming, this is probably the trends in the twenty-first century: the third industrial revolution is intelligent manufacturing era, the machine
Who is one of the important signs. This process is bound to be deep, wide and long. China occupied opportune robotics industry, will usher in the outbreak.
The nature of the robotics industry is "application muster market, market development giant," the robot industry giants BHP produced in the robot market power. Country
Robot Industry outbreak three driving forces: Manufacturing Industrial Revolution upgrade is day; huge demographic dividend and demand for mainland applications are no longer contradictions space is geography; and policy support and industrial layout. Manufacturing upgrade is the fundamental driving force, robotics and artificial replacement is the main economic driving force, policy support is the key catalyst.
Industrial robots and robot into service robots, service robots and are divided into military and civilian, industrial robotics United States and Europe must occupy
Of dominant position, the service robotics industry is just emerging countries almost at the same starting line; robotics industry, the United States stood out in other countries to catch up. Local governments also saw the broad prospects for the robotics industry, in order to stimulate economic development and to achieve industrial restructuring, have launched the robotics industry park planning and construction. So far, all over the country announced the planned industrial park area has more than 10, including Shanghai, Xuzhou, Kunshan, Changzhou, Harbin, Chongqing, Tangshan, Shenyang, the total output value of over 100 billion yuan target. The extent of the robot industry, supporting industries are higher, complete industrial chain will significantly reduce the manufacturing cost of the robot, the industrial park is to satisfy the mode of robot development.
At present, China Advantage robot industry cluster in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Bay, which is the result of market demand-led. Support policies in favor of the industrial park floor, is conducive to industrial chain collaboration sharing R & D costs, in favor of upstream and downstream industries and applications market docking. From the above analysis shows that: close application market, the formation of industrial clusters and technology accumulation chain advantages of the enterprises are more likely to succeed. Settled in the industrial park of the advantages of companies will get more competitive.
2013-2014, a dozen cities across the country began to force the robot to set up industrial park. But not all cities have the basis for the development of the robotics industry, with a large number of downstream applications enterprises, quality start robotics companies and research base of industrial park, under the government support will have better development.

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