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China Robot summit will be held in June in Yuyao

Date: 2017-06-23 11:50    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT
  On April 24, the third China summit and global robotics thousand returnees Ningbo Summit launch event and press conference held in Beijing, at the press conference scene, man-machine integration, the subject of human-computer interaction. According to the summit organizers say, 13 to 14 June summit and the world's third Chinese Robot thousand returnees in Yuyao, Ningbo summit will be held, the summit co-organized by the Chinese robot network, the summit theme is "man-machine integration, robot more intelligent. " With the strong support of the policies of "Made in China 2025" and "Robotics Industry Development Plan (2016-2020)" is a major boost for our robot industry. China robotics industry is in full swing forward, the man-machine integration has become an important trend in the robotics industry.

China Robot summit will be held in June in Yuyao
  Attended the General Assembly of Ningbo and Yuyao City, city s, as well as high-tech Science and Technology Center, China Association for Mechatronics Technology, North China Institute of Science and Technology Information weapons, thousands of plans, national associations, Tianjin University, and the Chinese robot network , Xinhua, China Radio and television, the Guangming Daily and other well-known media circles nearly a hundred people attended the news conference.

China Robot summit will be held in June in Yuyao
China Robot summit will be held in June in Yuyao
  China Summit Robot been successfully held twice, extraordinary influence. China Robot Summit is the largest and most influential event in the robot industry, is an important platform for exchanges and cooperation within the industry, has been successfully held twice in Tianjin Wuqing, has attracted well-known domestic and overseas scientists, academicians, thousands of plans experts, economists and entrepreneurs more than one thousand participants, achieved fruitful results. Summit by the Ningbo Municipal People's Government, China Association for Mechatronics Technology, North China Institute of Science and Technology Information sponsored weapons, the Organization Department of CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee (Ningbo Municipal Personnel Office), Ningbo City Commission by letter, Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau, Yuyao Municipal people's Government, "Robotics and applications" magazine contractors.
China Summit is the benchmark domestic robot robot technology research, industrial development, the third Chinese Robot Summit theme of "human-computer integration, make the robot more intelligent." The past two years, both the intelligent manufacturing or intelligent robots, "smart" word, alive. The intelligent grasp core technology is the key. Robot current China summit is a gathering of domestic and foreign intelligence in the smart technology research and manufacturing leading experts, entrepreneurs will attend the General Assembly, the robot development trend, manufacturing transformation and upgrading closely watched topics such as exchange to explore, discuss development plans. Summit will be the most representative of robot products and technology achievements exhibition, to discuss cooperation; auditorium set up the robot, technology sub-forum on innovation and development of robots, exchange and discuss cutting-edge technology.
As China Robot summit host, Ningbo, Yuyao two municipal government attaches great importance to the summit, the summit set up a preparatory group, in an orderly manner to promote the work. In order to build scale, modernization and ization of Chinese Robot Summit, in particular the construction of Yuyao summit conference center, an area of ​​5,000 square meters, can accommodate 1,000 people, fully completed in late May. At the same time, different functions, different forms, interesting robots will debut summit, beautiful Siming Lake will be playing a robot themed park.
Ningbo developed industry, is the implementation of the "China 2025 plan" focuses first and regions, and vigorously promote the "machine Substitution" strategy, with remarkable results, driven by strong demand for robots and intelligent processing equipment, showing explosive growth. As the third Chinese robot summit venue, Yuyao manufacturing strong development, laying a plastic mold, textile and chemical fiber, metal machinery, household appliances and other traditional industries, new materials, new equipment, new energy and energy conservation, a new generation of electronic the rapid development of information industry and other emerging pattern of life and health.
China Robot summit will be held in June in Yuyao
In recent years, Yuyao to promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, vigorously implement the "Hundred Regiments plan" to accelerate Zhejiang, "thousands of people plan" Yuyao industrial park construction. Meanwhile, Yuyao is planning to create a "robot town", to promote the robotics industry steady progress. Robots set Robots town plan exhibition and trade center, "thousands of plans," the Yangtze River Delta business service centers, robots industrial manufacturing base, industrial robots College, supermarkets and other special characteristics of the robot blocks, covering an area of ​​30,000 square kilometers, with a total investment of 5.0 billion, strive to create "professional robot systems, robot flexible automated production lines, intelligent cloud factory" as the core of the robotics industry chain, plans to 3 years of hard work, has become the leading construction industry, culture, tourism, community features robot town.
Yuyao developed not only manufacturing, but also has a rich cultural heritage and rich tourism resources. Progress of human civilization important discovery - Hemudu cultural sites is one of the Yangtze River in China's most important Neolithic cultural sites; the Ming thinker, educator and philosopher Wang Yangming was born here, is "Knowledge and Action" originators , has been promoted world; eastern Zhejiang anti-Japanese base areas, red tape you relive footprint, people feel liangnong strong revolutionary spirit and patriotism. In addition, there are Yuyao "natural oxygen bar" and "summer resort" reputation Siming Mountain National Forest Park, the world treasure jade Jade Garden and other tourist sites.
Attachment: The following is the summit to start launching ceremony and press conference a reporter asked content
China Network robot: robot technology development process, the robot talent introduction of important and difficult? Yuyao talents of highly sophisticated special attraction in where?
North China Institute of Science and Technology Information weapon A: Yuyao entrepreneurial atmosphere is good, to promote the development of robots, construction robots town. The difficulty is the introduction of robot: the robot power ratio, the level of development of the robot there is a big gap, the focus is to attract talent, technology, especially the introduction of high-end talent to meet the development needs of the domestic robot, also the focus of difficulty, how the introduction of the high-end robotics talent, how to implement policies and measures, investors need government to think.
Xinhua: Wuzhen town there are robots, robot town Yuyao What are the characteristics?
A: Yuyao town robot is a national special approval, the planning area of ​​3 square kilometers, invest one billion, one hundred thousand square foot plant has been completed; the Yangtze River Delta is an important part of industrial clusters, many industries have settled in the town. I hope you come to China to attend this summit robot better develop robots town.
China Radio and Television: From the technical point of view the development of robot world, Chinese robot face challenges?
A: The technology behind the world of robotics, UAVs have some advantages in terms of the other are relatively backward, with four families has a big gap; industrial base is weak, it is necessary to improve the robotics industry, reducer five core zero member to do, to improve the industrial atmosphere. To meet these challenges, the current overall economic environment, the state attaches great importance to the development of the robot, the robot more and more companies, we have to attract talent, Yuyao launched policies and programs to attract talent, such as the thousands of plans, Yao River excellence programs.
Economic Daily: What are the advantages to attract China Yuyao robot summit will settle down here, how recent progress in the preparations?
A: The third Chinese Yuyao settled robot summit, has the following advantages:
one. Yuyao cultural heritage: three cultures were Yuyao: Hemudu cultural sites is one of the Yangtze River in China's most important Neolithic cultural sites, is proof of the Yangtze River basin to the evolution of human civilization; Yao Jiangwen of Yuyao has a history of four celebrities such as Wang Yangming proposed "Knowledge and Action", and Zhu Shun water, xi, Yanziling laid Yuyao rich cultural heritage. There are red Liangnong, is the General Secretary Xi first came to the old revolutionary base areas.
II. Convenient transportation: Shaoxing border, near the airport Ningbo Airport, Xiaoshan Airport, Shanghai Airport, Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway Yuyao through, as well as high-speed rail, cars, trains and other very large flow of people, as well as the completion of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, have for everyone It provides a very convenient transportation.
three. Economic strength: Ningbo last year, industrial output value of 85 billion, there are four new industry, Yuyao is the plastic kingdom, home to die rural, domestic plastic market .
IV. Innovative good atmosphere: Ningbo now has 42 thousand program specialists, set up in Ningbo Industrial Technology Research Institute, the five core components of the robot R & D in the country, set up a "people plan" Yuyao Industrial Park, the robot attract talent, high-end personnel assigned to the industrial park.
Fives. Yuyao government attaches great importance: Ningbo government held several meetings and conferences to run Robot China summit, has also invested more than forty million Chinese construction robot summit conference center, planned for three months to complete. Yuyao Municipal deploy specialized personnel to promote the refinement and implementation of the Summit program.
Guangming Daily: How do the "robot industry development plan (2016-2020)"?
A: At present, China Robotics, industrial development around the robot faster, but Chinese companies lack core technology robot technology is still very weak. "Robot industry development plan (2016-2020)" is an important part of China 2025, will help standardize the development of China's robot industry. The body of the machine is small, can not be called industry, but it has an important position in the manufacturing sector, is important to support the construction of intelligent factory to develop robotics industry, it is necessary the development of intelligent industry. "Planning" is a highlight of the service robot attention, future service robots will have greater development, two-eleven last year, when a service robot company sales than 3 million. Future service robots will households.
Zhejiang Daily: What Gan Boshi, you lead the team settled in Yuyao, which intends to carry out what work? Yuyao settled on your machine Substitution what effect?
A: Ningbo, Yuyao is a good place, aspiring to do Robotics welcome to Yuyao; our work has been the strong support of the Ningbo Municipal Government, set up a study of the industrial park. Controllers, sensors, servo robot and other five core components, will be released in China at the Third Summit robot; Yuyao invest 1 billion has set up a robot town, there are three five million support program, 20 funds policy, the robot will be released during this summit.
Tianjin TV: service robot in China's development prospects what?
A: The service robot development faster than industrial robots, subject to technical constraints, limited production of industrial robots, the future will be less than the total amount of service robots; robots in service life and human contact more and more, with the Artificial Intelligence development, improve the level of intelligence, there has been a restaurant, cooking, feeding stuff, Allison beauty robots, service robots will become increasingly close contact with humans.
Human-computer integration, better promote robotics technology continue to make breakthroughs, future robots will be more and more into a supermarket, into life.。

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