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AI: Just win Shishi, then "war" Buffett

Date: 2016-05-14 15:17    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT
 Our country into the "public entrepreneurship Peoples innovation" phase, new projects continue to emerge. How quickly from a large project "dig" a promising future a profitable project, to achieve a quantitative investment equity market?
April 12, in support of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau, the fruit because of the company's investment in the world's first officially unveiled the robot, the robot in investment this year, February 3 on the line, now has successfully predicted 14 companies the occurrence of financing the event.
Intelligent prediction quality projects, accuracy far more than the traditional
Google AI AlphaGo4: 1 victory over world champion Go Shishi, so that people looking forward to the application of artificial intelligence.
Zhongguancun Equity Association co-president, group chairman of the East Yi Yi Investment Management group has just said that China equity investment in the whole economy in volume than the proportion is still small, a very large space for development. Past equity investment in the development is very slow, mainly due to asymmetric information, opaque, no pricing standards. A good investment manager one track projects require a lot of time and effort, at , only a year to see the 15-20 project, such a low investment efficiency has seriously hampered the butt of the current project market and capital market.
"Because fruit Release investments robot could complete end to the current level of investment in the equity market than the original ecology." Yi Gang said base, artificial intelligence and the application of the equity investments depth data mining, will greatly improve the efficiency of an entire equity market. This allows the value of the project has been the basis to judge, so that an equity market quantitative investment possible.
According to statistics, the first half of 2015 B round of financing projects previously had cases of 1296, including 159 in the second half again to get financing. After analyzing data robot investment in the first half, the second half of 1296 forecast projects, there will be 186 melt into the capital, the actual melt into the capital is 39.
"In other words, then set the rate of the market six months is 12.2%, due to the prediction accuracy of the robot Fruit investment of 21%, twice the traditional institutional investors, to avoid the high-quality projects missed investment opportunities. This is just our robot under the initial data obtained in relatively few cases. "Teng place because fruit co-founder said.
Machine to process the data, tracking analysis, investment forecast
Because fruit founder Ma Chao said investment robot can do four kinds of things, including data processing, establish a database tracking analysis. On top of this, the robot can even analyze investment model, investment forecasts.
That is, because fruit will crawl the entire network information 130 000 Internet companies, Internet companies to establish the most complete database of information on investment and financing. Per day can sort out the outstanding analysts incomplete information three companies to design, existing data about an analyst with 43,333 days to collect, roughly equal to 118.7 years.
Daily Investment robot will track and analyze the entire network project dynamics, business growth track record. This includes the source of enterprise users, number of users, user stickiness, the user and the corresponding quality jobs, social information, financial information and other information on hundreds of dimensions. These things need to be at least one million more than the analysts do. In addition, the radius of the human information is very limited, so it is difficult to achieve complete robot. "The large number of these repeated burdensome requires massive computing, a regular thing to do to the machines, doing to deal with emotional factors and uncertainties." Chao said.
Robots will project analysis model. Robot uses "tag clouds" to analyze the business model of the project, and the projects are classified, according to industry and modeling heat, heat and institutions and so the project itself, the project composite score.
Investment robot through the model calculation, the final selection of the most recent potential. In this process, we increased investment in information radius robot through all the past history of the project to invest in information modeling. In addition, investment robot with emotional logic skills, information on the pros and cons will be addressed. "Every company has thousands of records. Some popular companies, Internet companies, outstanding data of thousands of records, or even more. This investment will predict robot sales in the company's entire start-up period, stable period, the rise of death or period. we are one of these factors plus positive energy, negative factors like minus points ...... every industry segment will be a model to predict the trend of the industry and the company's future development. "Chao said.
Executive President of Zhongguancun Internet Institute of Finance, Director of the Research Center for financing small and micro enterprises Yong pointed out that China, because the robot is not simply the fruit of investment and industry Big Data database, but there is a very strong depth learning ability, can go up in the enterprise database infrastructure Tracking growth trajectory, and to intelligent analysis, we can determine the merits of information, automatic optimization model.
"We want to avoid artificially put their experience to apply to future cases, it is very easy to make mistakes, and the machine does not have the possibility of such mistakes is entirely based on a certain number of screening out the results of the final analysis is more objective. investment managers can further study and analysis on the basis of objective information on these. "Teng put thought, not robots replace humans, but to assist humans. Further refinement of the subjective judgment of people still need to do, such as the company's decision-making ability, judgment and so is not very strong. Thus, by further consideration of objective analysis and robotic people, quickly dig out the next "Ali."
Equity market will usher in exponential growth
Yi Gang said base, attractive equity investment comes from, based on the depth of a relatively stable set of model elements on the basis of investment resources. "We AlphaGo + such artificial intelligence, basic data and pricing model, based on the investment after investment plus the late management services, which will greatly enhance the probability of entrepreneurial success now, and the probability of success of the investment. We believe this change It will not impact on the investment industry, but a huge boost. "
Traditional finance is to address the needs of 20 percent of people in the pyramid with 80% of the resources, because most of the general public only a few thousand or a few million small amount of money, the basic threshold can not be entered in the equity market. How to achieve inclusive finance, ordinary people can also enjoy the dividends of equity investment market?
"Robot application investments, reduce investment risks and investment barriers, high start-up companies can make it easier to stand out, get support and funding elements of the allocation of resources, but also allows more people to participate through investment approach to innovation among entrepreneurs share dividend . "Yi Gang said base.
Artificial intelligence is to make equity investments more efficient circulation. Teng release said that at present, "Artificial Intelligence investment" is still in its infancy, there is still much room for improvement in the technical model. However, the use of artificial intelligence in the financial sector, will break the traditional financial "addition" of the growth law, a reconstruction of the entire equity interest in the field of ecology, to achieve the level of growth in the index. At the same time, it allows high-quality item is not buried, optimizing capital allocation, reduced industry losses, capital and effective and efficient quality projects docking, thus promoting the development of entrepreneurial innovation. Currently, because fruit trees are and investment institutions, banks and other financial institutions to contact cooperation, investment robots will play a greater role in the financial sector.

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