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With using Intelligent AGV,how much can it save for the enterprise?

Date: 2016-05-14 16:04    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT
AGV Why are more and more companies introduce a large number? AGV in the end which can provide a benefit? With these questions, we deeply domestic manufacturing enterprises, a detailed understanding of the business needs of a typical production electronics, home appliances, automotive industry, and the actual verification by introducing intelligent AGV, comprehensive and objective understanding of the intelligent AGV for business efficiency and significance.
1, immediate economic benefit: intelligent AGV to XRPS200 Universal Case - capable of reaching 3 to 5 handling employee plus a traditional truck (depending on the intensity dependence of logistics), without remuneration and social security to workers in the lowest 2500 yuan per month + accommodation 1000+ other consumable 200, three workers without slack case is 11,000 yuan, a year is 130,000. AGV is not tired, do not leave, 24 hours of continuous work; not emotional, able to consistently follow the instructions to complete all aspects of the production line logistics tasks, to avoid human error occurs; punctuality punctual easier to regulate the production order, and help produce the overall efficiency 20 % or more, with output value of $ 100 million plant calculation, up to 20% rather 20 million, is considerable!
2, the working people of this environmental benefits: people-oriented work to improve the environment, improve employee working comfort, reduce employee turnover. AGV wide range of versatile, AGV fear dangerous and boring, can work in hazardous environments ...... AGV compact and flexible and can easily in a small space shuttle, save space and flexibility of your resources.
3, technological advances benefit: intelligent AGV robots as the most practical mobile robots that can work as a flexible platform to meet the evolving demands of new technology, and encourage enterprises to improve existing production technology and equipment innovation to promote technical upgrading.
4, management efficiency: intelligent AGV as autonomous driving, not the driver; maintenance and automatic self-test, easy to operate; intelligent AGV system can achieve intelligent scheduling, to avoid clogging queuing AGV travels at work, always keep busy and orderly production order, more manageable.
5, to enhance the quality of employees: Many companies use intelligent AGV post realized unmanned production, not only reduce the number of employees, their whole purpose from simple hands into brains.

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