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IKV create intelligent plant with Chinese characteristics from six dimensions

Date: 2016-06-02 16:28    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT

How to create intelligent plant with Chinese characteristics? Where several aspects? Smart made what extent? For these companies care about issues, Ike Weir on the basis of overall in intelligent plant solutions, combined with the Industry 4.0 and other advanced concepts in the domestic first proposed the "six-dimensional intelligence theory", that is, from six dimensions. " smart "intelligent plant to build with Chinese characteristics.

Six dimensions namely: intelligent planning and scheduling production, co-production of smart, intelligent device interoperability, intelligent resource management and control of production, quality intelligent process control, intelligent large data analysis and decision support. The theory separately from the program source, collaborative process, the underlying equipment, resource optimization, six aspects of quality control, decision support and other aspects, to achieve a comprehensive refinement, precision, automation, information technology, network management and intelligent control, not only fits well with the definition of the smart factory in Germany, but also with the US Internet industry, and China 2025 and other concepts exactly.

1. intelligent planning schedule

First make sure the scientific program from the program source, precision of. Through integration, reads the master production schedule and other upstream from the ERP system, the use of APS automatic scheduling, press delivery, lean production, the production cycle, most stocks, the same clamping priority, has been put into order of priority, and other advanced scheduling algorithm automatically generate production plan can be accurate to every process, every piece of equipment, every minute, and the shortest delivery time, maximum productivity, produce the most equalization. This is the entire production process and the source of scientific basis.

2. intelligent co-production process

To avoid expensive production equipment due to operator busy looking for the knife, looking for material, testing and other auxiliary work caused by the effective utilization rate of equipment, the enterprise from the production preparation process, to achieve material, cutting tools, tooling, technology and other parallel synergy ready to achieve collaborative manufacturing at shop floor level, can significantly enhance the effective utilization of the machine.

3. intelligent device interoperability

Whether Industry 4.0 Industrial Internet, or China 2025, its essence is to CPS cyber physical system as the core, by the depth of information technology and production equipment and other physical entity integration, intelligent manufacturing production. For enterprises, those expensive CNC machines, robots, automated production lines and other digital devices, by DNC / MDC machine networking, data acquisition, large data analysis and visual presentation, intelligent decision-making and other functions, to achieve digital production equipment distributed network communications, program centralized management, real-time monitoring of equipment status, etc., is the CPS cyber physical systems in manufacturing companies in the most typical expression.

4. Intelligent Production Resource Management

By production resources (materials, tools, measuring tools, fixtures, etc.) out of storage, query, inventory, reported losses, parallel preparations, cutting expert database, statistical analysis and other functions, effectively avoid the production resources of the backlog and shortage achieve stock lean management, minimize production due to lack of resources caused by production delays, but also can avoid the backlog caused by the production resources of the high cost of production support.

5. intelligent quality control process

In addition to the production process quality problems timely processing, analysis of the law, reducing techniques again quality problems like outside, in the production process of manufacturing process parameters of production equipment for real-time acquisition, timely intervention, but also to ensure an important means of product quality.

6. intelligent decision support

Throughout the production process, the system is running a large number of real-time production data, and data equipment, a workshop on the amount of data companies a year high above one billion, which is a real industrial data, these data are valuable corporate wealth. These in-depth data mining and analysis, the system automatically generates all kinds of visual statistics, analysis reports, such as on planning, plan implementation, quality, inventory, equipment and so on, can help personnel decisions. Based on this decision support big data analysis can be a good help companies achieve the digital, networked, intelligent and efficient mode of production.
Nanchang IKV Robot Co., Ltd. is a professional factory to provide intelligent, digital factory solutions for high-tech enterprises, to learn more about, please contact Ike Weir hotline: 0791-88121058

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