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vehicle dispactching in agv

Date: 2020-04-25 09:29    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT

Since the AGV car is unmanned, there must be a vehicle scheduling system. There are five ways:

  • 1. Vehicle scheduling
  • 2. Off-vehicle dispatch
  • 3. Remote end point
  • 4. Central end point
  • 5. Compound scheduling
forklift agv robot

Among them, the most widely used is vehicle scheduling. In this way, each car has a control panel. The operator can use this control panel to program and determine where each car parks on the path. Since the movement of the vehicle may be different at each stop, the control panel can also Program the actions after the vehicle stops. Therefore, vehicle programming is a more flexible scheduling method.

When unloading from the trolley to the stop position is automatically performed, it is more effective to use the departure scheduling. Departure scheduling systems are simple and complex. The simplest system is just a button. Pressing the button represents another position. The operator only needs to click on the button to be stopped. A complex system may have a panel where the operator can define where the trolley can go after the next point.

The above two methods are peripheral control. The current trend is towards the direction of central control. Set up a terminal, all AGVs are controlled from here, the operator has a location map of all AGV vehicles, and can command all vehicles to a predetermined location. At this time, because the operator controls the scheduling of the vehicle, it is called manual central control.

If the central control system is performed by a computer, it is called central computer control, which is the most advanced vehicle scheduling method of the AGV system. In this way, the AGV car travels along the guidance path according to the computer program and makes an appropriate stop, and at the same time completes the predetermined actions according to the pre-programming at the time of the stop. Once the program is given, no human intervention is required, and the operator does not need to sit in front of the display to observe the vehicle. This method will become more and more popular in the future.

The above methods can also be used in combination.

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