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Charging mode of AGV car: manual, battery change and automatic charging

Date: 2020-04-15 08:50    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT

With the development of science and technology, people require more and more automation in the industrial production process. More and more robots are applied to the production line, and the unmanned vehicle is one of them. The unmanned vehicle is also called AGV for short. It does not need the driver in the operation process, and the vehicle is equipped with automatic guidance device, which can run according to the predetermined track cycle. All energy consumption of AGV car during operation is provided by on-board battery pack. During operation, the battery voltage will gradually decrease, and the electric energy stored in the battery will gradually decrease. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement the electric energy during the cycle operation.

When the power of AGV is insufficient, the ground control center shall direct the vehicle to the designated charging area or station, and the full-time personnel shall manually complete the electrical connection between AGV and charger, and then charge. After completion, it is also manual to break away from the connected circuit and restore the working state. The characteristics of manual charging AGV are safety, reliability, simplicity and low cost. It is often used in the situation where the automation level is not very high, the car is less and the people are more, and the standard working system is adopted. In order to ensure the endurance of AGV, a large capacity battery is needed. AGV can not work continuously 24 hours a day.

automatic charging agv

When the power of AGV is insufficient, the battery pack shall be replaced manually by full-time personnel, and AGV can be put into use. The replaced battery pack is ready for use after charging. Its characteristic is simple and fast, it can realize AGV continuous work 24 hours a day. But it needs double battery pack, high cost and original way. It is often used in situations with high requirements for timeliness of work response and insufficient vehicles. Both of the above two methods need to be supervised by special personnel, which wastes manpower and reduces the degree of automation. In case of leakage, AGV will not work.

Automatic charging means that when the AGV needs to supplement power, it will automatically report and request for charging. Under the command of the ground control center, the AGV will drive to the designated charging area or station, and the on-board charging connector will be automatically connected with the ground charging system for charging. After charging, AGV car will automatically leave the charging system and drive to the working area or standby area for normal operation. Automatic charging AGV is suitable for the occasions with long working cycle, many cars and few people, and high degree of automation.

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