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How to build an AGV robot

Date: 2020-03-18 16:08    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT

IKV AGV manufacturers have been engaged in the research and development and production of AGV cars for several years, and have a certain reputation in the industry; based on many years of experience, I will tell you how to identify AGV cars with poor quality.

agv car

1. AGV cars that are lower than the average market price are resolutely not bought, because low prices often mean that there are problems in their processing technology, equipment and materials.

2. AGV products that haven't been tested by the market for more than 2 years. If they blow well, they will not buy them. Whoever buys them will be fooled. Time is the best way to test the performance of a product.

3. If it is not an AGV car produced by a well-known AGV manufacturer, it is necessary to examine the size and strength of the company as much as possible, and choose an AGV produced by a strong manufacturer with a large brand manufacturer so that the quality of the after-sales service is worry-free, and AGV products produced by some small enterprises are avoided as much as possible.

4. The quality of the AGV trolley has a great relationship with the quality of the core accessories. The AGV quality of imported AGV core accessories is more stable and reliable.

5. High-quality AGV trolleys have strict requirements, and each detail process is handled very carefully. We can see the appearance of AGV products. If you have any questions about AGV car, you can communicate in time

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