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Future market for domestic AGV handling robots

Date: 2020-03-12 15:56    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT

In the context of rising labor costs, the trend of industrial robots replacing labor in many areas has formed, and the rapid growth of demand in the Chinese market has brought huge space for the development of the industry.

However, in the Chinese robot market, the market share of domestic enterprises is very low. Many research institutions believe that China currently has the introduction of soil AGV trolleys that cultivate world-class robotic automation manufacturers. The technology of companies such as robots has reached the world's advanced level, and the market acceptance has improved under the condition of cost-effectiveness, and the prospect of import substitution broad.

robot forklift agv

At present, the AGV car is mainly occupied by Japanese, European and American companies compared to the market. According to data from Dongxing Securities, domestic-funded companies have less than 10% market share, and there is huge room for import substitution. However, in the context of mechanical replacement of artificial acceleration, compared to some companies' robotic single-unit technology has reached the international advanced level of AGV car selection, the market share of domestic-funded enterprises will steadily increase AGV car parameters. Galaxy Securities expects a 30% market Shares will slowly be gained by more companies.

In today's rapid development, machinery replaces artificial production, mechanization of production and production automation will become the inevitable trend of future production development! The agv production system supplied by IKV industrial robots is an inevitable product of the development of production automation. So do you know agv too?

The current AGV automatic handling robot is mainly used in automatic logistics transportation. The AGV handling robot automatically transports items to the designated place through special landmark navigation. The more common guidance methods are magnetic strip guidance and laser guidance. The magnetic stripe guidance method is commonly used and the method is relatively low cost, but the site setting has certain limitations and has a certain impact on the venue decoration style; the laser guidance cost is higher and the site requirements are higher, so it is generally not used.

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