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IKV omnimove agv

Date: 2016-09-22 17:34    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT
Introduction of IKV omnimove agv
IKV omnimove agv is a kind of mobile robot which can follow magnetic tape on the floor by using vision or magnet for navigation. This automatic guided vehicle(AGV) is mostly applied in the filed of warehouse storage, food or beverage, plastic, pharmaceutical, rubber industry, etc. It is used to convey material inside the warehouse or workshop.
IKV omnimove agv
Working Principle of IKV omnimove agv
The navigation is completed by means of the reflective tape installed on fixed place or device. There is a laser navigation scanner on the rotating turret. The safety sensor is used to transmit and receive laser. The angle or distance to any reflector which is in line of sight or in range is automatically calculated. This parameter is compared with the map of the reflector layout stored in AGV’ memory. It allows the navigation system to triangulate the AGV’ current position, which is compared with the programmed path shown on the reflector layout map. The frequent steering is used to keep AGV on the programmed track and navigate to the desired target.
Main Structural of IKV omnimove agv
The laser guide scanned, mounted on the top of the car, triangulates its position using mirrors placed at height around the work area. It drives along a specific pathway and perform designated functions governed by our control system.
The Benefits of Using IKV automatic omnimove agv
1. Reduce labor cost and remove overtime or turnover cost;
2. Guarantee the safety of factory device;
3. Reduce loss of product or shipment;
4. The light-out configuration save energy consumption
5. Adjust to all kinds of stand, pallet, or manufacturing operations.

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