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Interpretation of digital manufacturing technology is the basic technology of intelligent manufacturing

Date: 2016-06-02 16:23    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT
Interpretation of digital manufacturing technology is the basic technology of intelligent manufacturing. From the invention of the computer, the computer manufacturing industry has been committed to the application for computing and information processing, which relies on manufacturing technology to teach computer binary data and binary logic to work is called digital manufacturing technology. Digital Manufacturing technology is the manufacturing information base, which runs through the whole process of manufacturing information, manufacturing enterprise nervous system and core technology.
Modern digital manufacturing helps companies achieve technological innovation, improve product development and design capability, to optimize the manufacturing process, improve the utilization of manufacturing resources, shorten product design and manufacturing business cycle and reduce product development and production costs, improve product quality, accelerate speed to market, so the digital manufacturing technology to some extent does not, it is a sign of modern industrial technology level.
So far, digital manufacturing technology has developed quite mature, a variety of computer-aided technologies and systems, such as CAL (computer aided design) / CAM (computer aided manufacturing) / CAPP (Computer Aided Process Planning) / CAT (computer-aided detection) / CAA (Computer Aided assembly) / CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) / ... numerous, endless. Intelligent Manufacturing is the direction of development of manufacturing industry, it is the use of all the modern technology, plant production, management, service-aware, automation, information technology, networking, to achieve a flexible, scalable, continuous optimization, innovative new Industrial Enterprises. Such as: Germany "Industry 4.0" China "Made in China * 2025" and the US "Industrial Internet." Ike Weir famous digital plant, intelligent plant business transformation program, please contact the hotline: 0371-67993077

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