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AGV laser transport tools effectively improve logistics efficiency

Date: 2020-04-11 10:18    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT

There are four advantages in the use of AGV laser automatic navigation car: first, reduce the dependence on human resources, second, improve productivity, third, increase safety, and then save the floor space. The solution is mainly used for the automatic transportation of raw materials and accessories in the production process, the docking of production lines and the warehousing of finished products, etc.

Robot system is a major feature of AGV, which can run normally without the intervention of the operator and effectively reduce the dependence on manual operation. In addition, unless there is a failure, these automatic means of transportation can operate continuously 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, so the production and warehousing processes will not be affected by shift changes or worker attendance and other factors, which greatly improves productivity.

laser agv

For those enterprises that rely on the development of transportation system, once the AGV solution is upgraded, the productivity will be greatly improved, because these new products move faster, and different from the constant speed transportation vehicles, AGV can accelerate as needed. Although the automatic transportation system has been very popular, many enterprises still use forklift, which sometimes brings security risks, especially in the case of large flow of people in the warehouse.

On the contrary, AGV mainly relies on sensors or moving in fixed track, so the use of these automatic vehicle systems can greatly reduce the incidence of accidents. Small moving range and high accuracy is a very important advantage of AGV. Forklift trucks need more space in the process of moving. In contrast, the solution of automatic means of transportation rarely turns in the process of transporting goods, so enterprises can make full use of the ground space to store more goods or expand the plant in the future.

More recently, just one of the more electronic equipment manufacturers realized this. In a project that IKV industrial robot has taken over recently, the customer has greatly reduced the number of vehicles in the warehouse after adopting the AGV system. The workload that used to require 10 forklifts to complete can be easily completed with only 6 AGV vehicles. At the same time, the feasibility study shows that the new material transportation solution improves the order fulfillment rate by at least 50%.

Compared with other material transportation system suppliers, the advantages of IKv robot's automatic transportation system mainly include the following two points: first, customized service, and the company has rich experience in this field.

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