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15 advantages of AGV handling robot

Date: 2019-12-26 14:25    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT

With the gradual development of factory automation, computer integrated manufacturing system technology, and the wide application of flexible manufacturing system and automated warehouse, AGV, as a necessary automatic handling and loading method to connect and adjust discrete logistics management system to make the operation continuous, has developed more rapidly in its application scope and technical level. Here are 15 Advantages of AGV handling robot applications:

material handling agv robot

1. High degree of chemistry-controlled by computer, electric control equipment, magnetic-gas induction SENSOR, laser reflector, etc. When a certain link of the workshop needs auxiliary materials, the staff will input relevant information to the computer terminal, and the computer terminal will send the information to the central control room, and the professional technicians will give instructions to the computer, under the cooperation of electric control equipment, this instruction was finally accepted and executed by AGV -- sending the auxiliary materials to the corresponding place.

2. charging automation-when the power of AGV car is about to run out, it will send a request instruction to the system to request charging (General technicians will set a value in advance ), after the permission of the system, it will automatically go to the charging place to "queue" for charging. In addition, the battery life of AGV car is very long (over 2 years), and it can work for about 4 hours every 15 minutes of charging.

3. Beauty-improve the ornamental degree so as to improve the image of the enterprise.

4. Safety-the driving path of a man-made vehicle cannot be confirmed. However, the guiding path of AGV is very clear, thus greatly improving the security.

5. Cost control-the capital investment of AGV system is short-term, while the salary of employees is long-term, which will increase with inflation.

6. Easy to maintain-infrared sensor and mechanical anti-collision can ensure the AGV from collision and reduce the failure rate.

7. Predictability-AGV will stop automatically when encountering obstacles on the driving path, while the artificially driven vehicle may be judged to have deviation due to human thought factors.

8. Reduce product damage-it can reduce the damage of goods caused by manual irregular operation.

9. Improve logistics management-due to the internal intelligent control of AGV system, goods can be placed in a more orderly manner and workshops can be cleaner.

10. The requirement of smaller site-AGV is much narrower than that of traditional forklift. At the same time, for the free-driving AGV, it can also accurately load and unload goods from the conveyor belt and other mobile devices.

11. Flexibility-AGV system allows the maximum change of path planning.

12. Scheduling capability-due to the reliability of the AGV system, the AGV system has excellent scheduling capability.

13. Process flow-AGV system should and must be a part of process flow, which is the link connecting many processes together.

14. Long-distance transportation-AGV system can effectively carry out point-to-point transportation, especially suitable for long-distance transportation (more than 60 meters ).

15. Special working environment-special system can work in the environment where people are inconvenient to enter.

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