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Where is the popularity of AGV so popular?

Date: 2019-02-15 17:33    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT

As the main force of logistics and transportation, AGV can improve transportation efficiency and save a lot of labor costs, but the advantages of AGV trolleys are more than these. Let us take a look:

1, the degree of automation is high

The AGV is extremely automated compared to manual forklift trucks. For example, when a certain part of the workshop requires auxiliary materials, the staff inputs relevant information to the computer terminal, and the computer terminal sends the information to the AGV central control system. The system sends a control command to the AGV, and the AGV accepts and executes the automatic transportation of the auxiliary materials to the corresponding place. . The AGV only needs to input relevant instructions to complete the task well. As long as there is no problem with the input instructions, there will be no problems and various errors will be avoided.

2, strong flexibility

AGV trolleys can be flexibly combined with various production lines, assembly lines, conveyor lines, platforms, shelves, and operating points. It can minimize the logistics turnover cycle, reduce the turnover of materials, realize the flexible connection between incoming materials and processing, logistics and production, finished products and sales, and maximize the working efficiency of production systems.

3, automatic charging

The AGV robot charging is also automated. When the power of the AGV trolley is too low or relatively idle, it will send a request command to the system, request charging, and automatically charge to the charging place after the system allows it. This way, you don't have to worry about the interruption of the operation because there is no electricity. As long as the charging value is set in advance, you can guarantee 24 hours of uninterrupted work. In general, the battery of the AGV robot is preferably a lithium battery, which has a long service life and can guarantee four hours of working time as long as it is charged for fifteen minutes.

4, good security

Why is AGV safe? Because it has better security protection, intelligent traffic management, safety and collision avoidance, multi-level warning, emergency braking, fault reporting and so on. Can play a unique role in many situations that are not suitable for human work. The use of AGV cars can also promote the standardization, standardization and informationization of enterprises.

As a high-tech product, AGV almost penetrates into various enterprises and industries related to logistics and transportation. It is believed that such a wide range of use and popularization can promote the further development of AGC.

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