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Why do businesses need AGV cars?

Date: 2018-10-13 16:04    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT

In recent years, most industrial intelligence has gradually matured. However, automated industrial equipment needs improvement and improvement, and new automation equipment covers a wide range of fields. Once launched, the new standards and technologies will become an important measure to promote the progress of industry 4.0

In this slogan, what we first know is what is automation equipment. AGV I don't know if you are familiar with it. Maybe people can't hear much, but at the moment, it is really a popular technology subject. The AGV car is also known as the driverless vehicle. Why does the company need it now?

China is known as the world's processing plant. This is due to China's strong population and abundant labor resources, which led some multinational companies to choose us as processing reasons. But now the main labor force in society is that these young people have not experienced too much hard work, and young people do not want to suffer. They all want to find a job that is highly paid and easy.

agv car

These embarrassing situations make China lack of labor force to a large extent. So where is our way out? We can only improve our overall competitiveness by improving the level of automation of equipment to improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

At this point, AGV began to play its role. AGV carriers on the market are mainly used for material transportation in factories and factories, avoiding the dangers caused by manual handling. AGV cars can also be transported accurately and reliably in dark environments. Some basic labor can be done by AGV. In the pharmaceutical industry, such as food, chemistry, heavy industry, optoelectronics, AGV applications are also very important.

With the advent of the industrial 4.0 era, some enterprises, factories, warehouses and other logistics needs AGV cars for automated processing tasks.

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