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Intelligent Factory

Name: Intelligent Factory
Category: Industry 4.0 system
Introduction: Intelligent Factory is a new stage of development of modern information factories. It is based on the use of networking technology and equipment monitoring technology to enhance inf..
Manufacturer: IKV Robot
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Introduction of Smart Factory

Smart Factory is a new stage of development of modern information factories. Is based on the digital factory on the use of networking technology and equipment monitoring technology to enhance information management and service. a clear grasp of production and marketing processes, improve the controllability of the production process, reducing the production line manual intervention, immediate correctly collect production line data, and reasonable production planning and scheduling production schedule. Plus green intelligent tools and emerging technologies such as intelligent systems in one, to build a highly efficient energy-saving, environmental protection, environmental comfort humanity chemical plant.

Intelligent Factory

Smart Factory Features

"Smart factory" development is the new direction for intelligent industrial development. Features embodied in manufacturing:
1, the system has the ability to customize: the acquisition and understanding of the outside world and its own information and analysis to the planning of their own behavior and sentenced to 2, the overall visual art practice: combining signal processing, reasoning, prediction, simulation and multimedia technology, reality amplification shows real-life design and manufacturing process.
3, coordination, restructuring and expansion features: the system can be based on each group to undertake the task, the composition of its own optimal system configuration. 4, self-learning and maintenance capabilities: through the system self-learning function, implemented in the manufacturing process repository supplements, updates, and automatically perform fault diagnosis, and the ability to troubleshoot and maintain, or notification of system execution. 5, human coexistence systems: with mutual relations between man-machine coordination, their complementarity between the different levels.

IKV smart factory Advantage

By IKV industrie 4.0 data management, get real-time aspects of the factory data equipment, seamless MES, ERP and other management systems, so that the factory laterally from each of the procurement, production, sales, vertical integration. Between man and man, man and machine, as well as machines and machine services and services to the Internet, enabling horizontal, vertical and highly integrated point to point. Plant and equipment, implementation of a comprehensive environmental monitoring, to enable enterprises to adapt to multi-product flexible production, and ultimately achieve the purpose of machine production machine.

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