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Digital Factory

Name: Digital Factory
Category: Industry 4.0 system
Introduction: The digital factory is based on the physical plant, using advanced information technology as the method, constructing the virtual reality simulation of the real plant, at all stages..
Manufacturer: IKV Robot
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Introduction to digital factory

The Digital Factory is in the physical plant based, with advanced information technology as the method, constructing the virtual reality simulation of the real plant, at all stages of the whole life cycle of product design, manufacturing, assembly, quality control and detection function, planning, management, diagnosis and optimization of production, so as to realize the factory of high efficiency, low cost and high quality. And efficient, rapid and flexible, it is the digital enterprise for the manufacturing industry to bring the change.
Digital factory

In the intelligent factory mode of production, process design done by computer-aided digital simulation and optimization, instead of manually long formed the design of accurate and reliable results; ERP system for quality management, production performance, compliance, and product life score cycle management provides business analysis reports, comprehensive and accurate understanding of the management of production data provide strong information security. In the control layer, MES system to achieve production status of real-time control, fast processing during manufacture material shortages, equipment failures, staff absences and other abnormal situations, recording key technical data for each product, greatly enhancing product traceability . In the execution level, industrial robots, mobile robots and intelligent devices will replace the manual production, significantly increase production accuracy and stability of product quality. Coincides with the intelligent manufacturing, digital plant provides the basic conditions for the Intelligent Manufacturing. Digital plant from the start of data collection by means of information technology for data storage, processing, analysis and presentation, which is fed back to production.

Prospect of Digital Factory

Digital Factory (digital factory) as digital material carrier construction, supporting the performance-based design through construction materials processing implementation process. By arm, CNC machine tools, CNC machining mold precise digital plant, can form complex logic processing, thus forming a kind of performance-based, precision manufacturing material properties as the starting point of high efficiency, high-quality construction mode.

A good development is inseparable from the construction mode for technical respect. Built as a digital frontier of building design and construction technology, but also need the Toolkit patent protection and sharing. (Slightly) the arrival of "Custom C2B" of the digital era to build more competitive. Digital will build specialized people freed from repetitive work, be able to respond more quickly and cheaply market demand and efficiently to meet individual requirements.

More jobs, figures many experts involved in the construction because of the Internet's involvement in the distribution shows a wide range of characteristics. Based on industry-wide communication and information platform, will be the construction of digital "Internet + construction industry" of a typical model case. Prior to last into the digital factory, all of the design work can be through the digital models, simulation and virtual building processes work carried out on the Internet platform. Liberated from the geographic limitations out, global material suppliers, manufacturers, designers can share technology and design in a virtual platform, while the design of the Party and to be actively involved in the design process, so that the design to better meet the needs.

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