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Smart Factory

Name: Smart Factory
Category: Industry 4.0 system
Introduction: Smart factory Create seamless, secure factory solutions. Industry 4.0 creates what has been called a "Intelligent factory", Which is based on the digital factory. The use of Interne..
Manufacturer: IKV Robot
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Introduction of Smart factory

Smart factory Create seamless, secure factory solutions. Industry 4.0 creates what has been called a "Intelligent factory", Which is based on the digital factory. The use of Internet of things technology and monitoring technology to strengthen information management services. 

Smart Factory improve production process controllability and reduce the production line of artificial intervention. As well as reasonable planning scheduling. At the same time, a set of intelligent instruments and digital factory and other emerging technologies in one, building efficient, energy saving, green, environmental protection, comfortable human nature smart factory.

Smart Factory
Development status of smart factory

1. Smart Factory has the independent ability, collection, analysis, judgment, planning; through the overall visual technology of predictive inference, using simulation and multimedia technology, the reality amplification display design and manufacture process.
2. Each component of the system can make the system structure by itself, and has the characteristics of coordination, reorganization and expansion. The system has the ability of self learning and self maintenance. 
3. Therefore, the intelligent warehousing to achieve the coordination and cooperation between people and machines, the essence of human computer interaction.

IKV smart factory advantage

1. IKV smart factory provides intelligent solutions. 
2. The smart factory can effectively help the factory to achieve automatic production , Which can improve efficiency of production by substitution machine. This greatly reduce production costs and improve quality of product.
3. According to customer demand for customized production lines, according to the actual situation of the production line configuration of various types of robots, to achieve automatic production. 
4. Strong after-sales technical services to ensure stable operation of the equipment.

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