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Loading and unloading robot

Name: Loading and unloading robot
Category: Industrial Robot
Introduction: Loading and unloading robot is as an industrial robot. Loading and unloading robot can meet the "Fast / bulk processing the beat", "save on labor costs," "increase productivity", e..
Manufacturer: IKV Robot
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Loading and Unloading Robot Introduction

Loading and unloading robot is an industrial robot. Robotic Loading and unloading can meet the "Fast / bulk processing the beat", "save on labor costs," "increase productivity", etc., Non-standard robot loading and unloading robot.


Loading and Unloading Robot Features

1. high efficiency: This industrial robot can improve production efficiency, we must control tact. In addition to a fixed production cycle time can not be increased, the automatic loading and unloading to replace the manual, so that you can control the tempo well, to avoid the influence due to human factors of tact generated, greatly improving production efficiency.
2. process modification flexible: Industrial robot arm can modify the program and the gripper clamp, rapid changes in the production process, debugging speed, eliminating the need for employees but also for the training time, can be quickly put into production.
3. to improve the quality of the workpiece Appearances: robot automated production lines, from feeding, clamping, cutting entirely by robots, to reduce intermediate links, part quality is greatly improved, especially more beautiful surface.

Loading and Unloading Robot Benifits:

1. Increased productivity. Robots increase machine production by up to 20% over traditional methods.
2. Perform secondary operations. For longer machining times robot can perform deburring or guaging of finished parts.
3. Improved Ergonomics. Robot can eliminate workman's compensation and operator safety issues with moving heavy parts.
4. Increased Quality. Built-in vision can 100% inspect.
5. Robot repeatability assures placement in chuck.

Loading and Unloading Robot Application

Loading and unloading robot
Robotic Loading and unloading are applicable to machine tools, production line loading and unloading a workpiece flip, turn the work order and the like. The robot system with high efficiency and high stability, simple structure easier to maintain, to meet the different types of products, the user, can quickly adjust product structure and expand production capacity, and can greatly reduce the labor of industrial workers strength.

Loading and Unloading Robot Parameter

IKV -- Loading and unloading robot
Loading and unloading robot
Maximum load
Repositioning Accuracy(mm)
Protection Class
Working Range
Axis 1
Axis 2
Axis 3
Axis 4
Axis 5
Axis 6
Working Range
Axis 1
Axis 2
Axis 3
Axis 4
Axis 5
Weight (KG)
Installation Type
Ground or Support
Moving Range
Polishing robot

Industrial robot manufacturers description

Nanchang IKV Co., Ltd. is a leading robot robotic tech enterprises, industrial robots unique technology as the core, independent research and development, specializing in the provision of industrial robotic automation solutions. Providing industrial robot apparatus comprising: a welding robot, palletizing robots, painting robots, handling robots, assembly robots, robot polishing, polishing robots, loading and unloading robots. Learn more You can call our hotline: 0791-88121058

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