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palletizing robots arm for sale

Name: palletizing robots arm for sale
Category: Industrial Robot
Introduction: 6 Axis industrial automatic robot palletizer for warehouse automatic robot palletizer is composed by two parts ,one is Controller and another is the Manipulator.Palletizing robot ca..
Manufacturer: IKV Robot
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industrial palletizing robot

6 Axis industrial automatic robot palletizer for warehouse

automatic robot palletizer is composed by two parts ,one is Controller and another is the Manipulator.Palletizing robot can classify itself into three types: box palletizing, woven bag palletizing, bulk palletizing.
1.Box palletizing: it is used for packaging case palletizing.
2.Woven bag palletizing: it is applied for chemical fertilizer, fodder or flour woven bag palletizing;
3.Bulk palletizing: it is mostly used for construction brick palletizing;

6 axis automatic palltiezer robot6 axis automatic palletizer robot

Benifits of automatic robot palletizer for warehouse

1)This palletizing industrial robot is widely used in Chemical,beverage, food,beer, plastic,air conditioner industry ect .
2)Automatically pack and stack the carton ,bagged ,canned ,boxed and bottled products .
3)The simple structure ,less components make it easy maintenance and low maintenance cost.
4)The Robot Palletizer takes less space and more flexible and accurate .
5)All the control can be implemented on the touch screen of the control box , easy operation .
6)The robot can work continuously for a long time, reduce a lot of labor and labor cost, more productive.

automatic robot palletizer parameters



Axis Number




Repositioning Accuracy (mm)


Max. speed for single axis

Axis 1


Axis 2


Axis 3


Axis 4


Axis 5


Axis 6


Max. Working Range

Axis 1


Axis 2


Axis 3


Axis 4


Axis 5


Axis 6


Max. Armspan


Robot Arm Protection Class


Electrical Controller Protection Class


Installation Method

Arbitrary Angle

Robot  Body Weight


industrial automatic robot palletizer System Advantages

1. The traditional bridge type palletizer takes more space, and the palletizing speed is slow. Furthermore, the palletizing type is not uniform.
2. The universality for mechanical palletizer is not good, the structure is complicated, and the power consumption is high.

automatic robot palletizer system6 axis palletizer robotautomatic palletizer robot price

IKV focus on the development and application of mobile robot platform technology. It is devoted to offering the clients automatic solution, such as intelligent logistics, intelligent robot, etc. At present, it has successfully developed world leading robot guide and movement control platform. The robot unique technique is regarded as the core. It specializes in the research, manufacturing and distribution of industrial robot, automated guided vehicle system, intelligent logistics system, non-standard automated device, etc. It has currently China most advanced and applicable AGV technique and project solution. Moreover, it offer clients first-rate pre-sale and after-sale services.

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