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What is the quote for the AGV vehicle robot? Here is a reference

Date: 2019-08-31 14:13    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    

As a manufacturer of AGV vehicle robot, when customers ask for price, they are often in a helpless form. If the price is high, the customer will think that your product is too expensive to buy, the price is low, and the customer will think how cheap it is. Can you use it and so on. Regarding such a situation, I would like to give you some analysis:

agv vehicle robot price

1. There is a big gap in the price of AGV cars on the market. The price of AGV cars from different manufacturers is different. Because each manufacturer has different technical strengths, different parts and different performances, there will be some differences in price.

2. The specific depends on the configuration. The mode, transfer mode, charging mode, load, and navigation mode all affect the price. For example, the navigation method, the magnetic navigation AGV car is relatively cheap in the market, and the off-track laser navigation AGV without any auxiliary facilities is relatively expensive.

3. Due to the different regions, brands and manufacturers, the price of AGV is also high or low. Users can choose the suitable AGV car according to the factors such as the venue and usage rate. No AGV is cheap, only manufacturers with good quality and more suitable prices.

4. The AGV rise height and rated load will also affect the price of the AGV. Generally speaking, the higher the height of the AGV is, the higher the rated load is, and the higher the price.

In short, if you want to get a fast and accurate quotation, we suggest that you inform us of the specific requirements, application site, efficiency and performance parameters of the AGV car when you ask, so that you can make a suitable one according to the actual application. With the AGV solution, customers can use this solution to achieve the desired results.

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