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Which companies need to introduce AGV cars more?

Date: 2019-08-27 13:59    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    

After the introduction of the concept of China's smart manufacturing 2025 and industry 4.0, all industries have set off a wave of smart manufacturing. As the main force of intelligent handling equipment, AGV trolleys have a wide range of practical applications in various fields such as enterprise production, warehousing logistics, and e-commerce logistics. For managers who want to use the AGV car to change the production status of the company, it is necessary to evaluate whether it is necessary to introduce the AGV car. Which companies need to introduce the AGV car?

automated guided vehicle agv

1, the harsh environment is worth introducing the AGV car

Many well-known, there are many types of production enterprises in very harsh environments, such as: the production of tires in the vulcanization workshop, the production workshop has maintained high temperatures throughout the year, especially in the summer, the temperature can reach 40 ~ 50 ° C, and the workshop is still a large number of scattered Some toxic and harmful gases such as sulfur; electroplating workshops, painting workshops, foundries, etc., are some of the harsh environments, or there are many toxic gases harmful to the human body in the environment, or the temperature is extremely high. Therefore, workers in these places are very difficult to recruit, and the mobility is very large, and it is very prone to safety accidents and occupational diseases.

In the above circumstances, the introduction of the AGV car can not only replace the manual work in dangerous environments, but also reduce safety accidents and reduce unnecessary losses.

2, Enterprises with high-load logistics handling operations are worthy of introducing AGV trolleys

Friends who have learned about the AGV car will know very well that the efficiency of an AGV car is at least 3 ordinary workers. It only works 24 hours a day without charging, and the AGV car is not tired, no need to rest, no need Holidays are a real super porter.

3. Production enterprises with dangerous processes are worthy of introducing AGV trolleys

There are also many companies with dangerous environments, such as the environment in which heavy-duty forklifts operate and the production of civilian explosives. In a dangerous environment, safe production must be placed first. In this type of hazard type, AGV trolleys can reduce the number of employees, replace employee work, and ensure the safety of personnel.

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