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Safety Consideration of AGV Handling Robot

Date: 2019-08-05 09:24    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT

AGV handling robot system involves many fields such as machinery, electronics, optics, computer and so on. It is widely used in modern intelligent logistics factories. AGV handling robot is an intelligent material handling equipment. It has many advantages, such as high automation, flexible application, safety and reliability, unmanned operation, simple construction and convenient maintenance. Therefore, it is widely used in tires, clothing, 3C, household appliances, automobile manufacturing, tobacco, machinery and other industries.

However, when installing the system for the AGV handling robot, the safety problem is the first one. It must be prepared in the early stage of the system installation. This has two purposes. The first is to prevent collisions between vehicles or with human beings. The second is to consider stopping the platform immediately if the AGV handling robot anti-collision system fails and waiting for technicians to repair it.

agv handling robot

The safety equipment of AGV handling robot can be divided into fixed equipment and mobile equipment. Fixed equipment usually refers to the components that make up the system level (equipment layout and congestion system); mobile devices mainly include a series of rules (load, speed, center of gravity, etc.) that the vehicle must obey. Before using the system of AGV handling robot, customers must train the use of safety system.

Among them, there are many kinds of anti-collision system and traffic control. The simpler one is to install anti-collision buffer bar in front of AGV handling robot, and keep the speed below a certain value. If there is a collision, the vehicle can stop immediately until the resistance disappears.

The other is area congestion. On the guideway of AGV handling robot, separate different areas, the car body can enter the area normally only if there is no vehicle in the next area. Vehicle sensors are detected by the ground inductance coil under the vehicle guideway, which is usually controlled by programmable logic controller. Among them, the more advanced is the computer area blocking, whose principle is similar to that of the area blocking: the computer monitors the position and speed of all AGV handling robots in real time, and monitors the clearance between vehicles at the same time.

The layout of the workshop also needs to consider the width of the vehicle passage, the distance to the workshop equipment, and the distance to the pedestrian passage. At the same time, the detection of vehicles should include: speed detection and load detection, in addition, to prevent injuries. Relevant optical sensors and ultrasonic sensors can be used to detect vehicle spacing accurately.

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