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Industrial Robot Manufacturers Expatiate on Measures to Improve AGV Vehicle Efficiency in Automobile Assembly Workshop

Date: 2019-06-06 14:14    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    

The high failure rate of AGV trolley seriously affects the output of automobile production capacity in the assembly workshop. Troubles of AGV trolley include insufficient safety distance reported by the console, oversize servo axles of each trolley control, oversize servo of each trolley lift, engine lift and rear axle lift, incapable of engine lift or rear axle lift, depressed front bumper of trolley, and incapable of trolling trolley in a sudden stop. Reset, the rising or falling speed of each car is inconsistent, etc. Aiming at various faults, a series of measures have been formulated by Ackwell Industrial Robot Factory in Nanchang, which are as follows.

agv trolley, agv car

1. Correction Map

Because the distance between the stations on the console map is quite different from the actual running map of the car. However, when the chassis passes through different models, due to the different wheelbase, the console often reports that the safe distance of the car is not enough, resulting in the stop of the AGV car.

2. Adjusting Green Servo

AGV trolley often reports overshoot fault of servo axle during operation. In order to reduce the fault, the servo of all trolleys is adjusted uniformly so as to make the servo running better.

3. Replace the program and add the model selection button

During the use of AGV, every week, AGV trolley will appear servo overshoot fault in the assembly section, and the trolley will stop, but the large chain is not stopped, or the trolley lifts the body up, leaving the positioning pin, which will lead to the lifting device on the body being pulled askew, resulting in a stop line, but there are also security risks. Later, the AGV trolley program will be changed, and the servo overshoot fault alarm of the manned platform will be added. When this failure occurs, The car console signals the big chain, stops the big chain, and adds a model selection button to the car, which limits the lift height of the engine of each vehicle type, basically eliminating the existence of this hidden danger.

4. Reducing Lifting Hit Lower Limit Fault

There are zero switch and lower limit switch in engine and rear axle lifting. Normally, when lifting touches zero switch, it stops. However, due to inertia, lower limit switch is often encountered when lifting drops. At this time, lifting will not rise, and lower limit switch can only be shielded. After analysis, the distance from zero switch to lower limit switch is changed from 2 cm to 4 cm, and the speed close to zero switch is changed from 2 cm/s to I.7 cm/s. The fault of lifting and touching lower limit is basically eliminated. AGV Car:

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