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AGV road recognition algorithm has difficulties

Date: 2019-07-30 13:46    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    

The following two aspects are studied for the visual guidance of the AGV system: 1. Design and implementation of related algorithms; 2. Design and implementation of the AGV platform.

Among them, the design of AGV related algorithms includes road recognition algorithm design and road tracking algorithm design; the design and implementation of AGV platform includes the design and integration of hardware system, and the design and development of software system. Road recognition algorithm: Road recognition is a key function of outdoor AGV vision guidance technology. The accuracy of road recognition algorithm has an important impact on the smooth operation of automatic navigation vehicles.

agv automatic guided vehicle

1. The road detection algorithm focuses on the processing of a single image. During the operation of the autopilot, there is a strong correlation between the shape of the road between successive frames. Especially in the case of low and medium speed operation, if the correlation of the road shape between consecutive frames can be effectively utilized, Effectively reduce the search space of the road surface, reduce the calculation overhead, and improve the recognition efficiency.

2. During the operation of the automatic navigation vehicle, due to the increase of the sample, retraining will consume a lot of calculation time. A feasible solution is to train the new sample at a time and fuse the new cluster center with the original cluster center through the "fusion" algorithm instead of training with all samples at a time.

3. Lack of judgment on road modes under complex road conditions, and multipath extraction and tracking algorithms.

The AGV system plays an important role in automated production. By applying the AGV system, labor costs can be significantly reduced and production efficiency can be improved. Nanchang Aikewei professional AGV car manufacturer, providing AGV equipment including: laser guided AGV, latent AGV, traction AGV and so on. AGV car:

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