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why choose an forklift agv robot?

Date: 2019-07-18 17:07    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    

The difference between AGV forklift truck and traditional forklift truck is that it does not need to drive by hand. This is an automatic steering vehicle with wireless, which combines bar code technology and data acquisition technology. At the same time, it uses electromagnetic induction as the navigation gist to assist RFID identification.

forklift agv robot

Forklift AGV has the characteristics of intelligence, low cost, high obedience and safe operation. It can deal with the problems that traditional forklift trucks are difficult to solve in bad weather and dangerous environment, and can reduce exhaust gas and noise. It can also meet the individual needs of enterprises and has broad market prospects.

AGV forklift truck can be divided into manual charging and automatic charging. When the power of AGV forklift truck is not real-time, it is controlled by the earth and goes to the designated charging area or station. AGV and charger are manually implemented by full-time staff. Connect the appliance and charge it. After implementation, it can also be manually removed from the connected circuit to recover. Manual charging AGV features safety, reliability, simplicity and low construction cost. In order to ensure the durability of AGV, larger capacity batteries are needed. It is impossible to achieve continuous operation of AGV 24 hours a day.

With the development of science and technology, people are increasingly demanding automation in the process of industrial generation. More and more intelligent AGV forklift trucks are being used in production line. AGV forklift truck is fused with automatic steering assembly, which can be based on the predetermined track cycle. When the material waiting position is set, the control center will release the AGV forklift near the dispensing center to the storage location, and the AGV forklift will select the nearest route to transport the material to the goods storage line.

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